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About us?

Our blog is a technology blog dedicated to sharing technology knowledge, computer tips and office knowledge Word, Excel, PowerPoint, with tips on WordPress, Photoshop, HTML programming, CSS, Java. With the hope of building a blog full of information, tips, documents, and courses with quality and credibility to all readers, technology followers. In addition, in our blog also share knowledge on how to make money mmo and software. I'm Hmoob lee. Thank you very much to all of you who have accompanied, trusted my blog until today. Best regards!



Guest Posts

Guest Posts or guest posts are articles that are published on the blog as an official article, in which there is no backlink to your website.
Guest Post Posting Policy:
  1. Ensure Unique content that has never been published elsewhere
  2. Provide useful and valuable information to readers
  3. No spamming for SEO purposes only

Footer Backlink

Footer Backlink is a form of linking in a Digital Skills blog pointing to your website for the purpose of increasing the quality score of the website.


Your ads will be placed as banners, images, gifs, videos on the blog header, in the post or on the homepage.

Would you like to participate as a contributor to our website?

To ensure that the blog regularly has more useful and quality content, now we need to hire more collaborators for the blog

Participation policy:

- We will pay for each article, each article from 0.001 USD - 10 USD (depending on the content, length and quality of the article).
- Your revenue will be detailed in Excel file, each time the revenue changes, you will be photographed and sent to the collaborator.
- Payment: When you earn from 50 USD or more, you can request payment at any time. We will send money through the following forms: PayPal.

Terms of contract

  1. Article content: Guide, share knowledge and experience related to various fields on the website
  2. The article you post must be unique, ie it does not coincide with the content ever on this blog.
  3.  DO NOT post content related to gambling, betting, betting, ... or debauchery content, content intended to share viruses, malicious code, ... content with purposes of deception, harm harm to readers,...
  4. Posts must be self-written, do not copy others' posts from anywhere, even partially.
  5. Write standard SEO articles based on Yoast SEO plugin (see instructions here).
  6. Post length 500 words or more.
  7. Posts must have accompanying illustrations, images must be optimally compressed (under 100kb) before upload.
  8. Do not use vulgar or obscene words in your posts.
  9. The poster must be fully responsible for his postings.
  10. We reserve the right to use the poster's content for all legitimate purposes.
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