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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will fly into space

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will fly into space
In July 2021, Jeff Bezos will go into space. He seems to have been preparing for this for a long time

Very soon, on July 20, 2021, Blue Origin will send its first space tourist into space. For this, the New Shepard spacecraft will be used, a ticket for which is raffled off during the auction.... Inside the capsule there is room for six people, but it was previously reported that only the winner of the auction and the experienced astronaut in flight control will go on an unusual journey on the appointed date. Now it became known that the head of Blue Origin Jeff Bezos and his younger brother Mark will also be inside the ship. It is possible that a couple of other employees of the company will sit on the remaining two seats in the cockpit of space tourists. For some, the news of Jeff Bezos's participation in the upcoming flight was unexpected, but if you dig a lot on the Internet, you can find out that the billionaire began to prepare for the trip a long time ago. This, at least, is evidenced by his relief muscles.

Blue Origin Tourist Flight

I already talked about how the upcoming flight will go in this article, but let's refresh our memory. The winner of the auction, the head and employees of Blue Origin and the pilot will sit inside the New Shepard. After that, a 20-meter booster rocket will lift them to a height of 105 kilometers - it is believed that this is where space begins. The capsule with passengers will separate from the rocket and stay in suborbital space for 10 minutes, after which it will land on three parachutes near the launch site. By that time, the launch vehicle will have already been returned to the ground.

The capsule inside which the space tourists will travel


Following his retirement, Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy will take over. The entrepreneur noted that his successor has been working in the company since the day of its foundation, so he is completely confident in him. Bezos himself will become chairman of the board of directors and will focus on developing new products. He will also support his Bezos Earth Fund, The Washington Post (Bezos bought it in 2013 for $ 250 million) and, of course, Blue Origin.

Interesting fact: Jeff Bezos annually invests $ 1 billion from personal savings on the development of the aerospace company Blue Origin. As of February 2021, the entrepreneur's fortune is estimated at $ 187 billion. But how much money he had in 2019.

Jeff Bezos in space

If you carefully study the actions of Jeff Bezos over the past 10 years, you will notice that he clearly dreams of conquering space. That only is the fact of the founding of the Blue Origin company in 2000 and the persistent development of the spacecraft for two decades. It is noteworthy that the entrepreneur is clearly not going to just launch some apparatus into space - he himself dreams of being outside our planet.

This is what the interior of the New Shepard capsule looks like. You can see a lot through such windows.

Back in 2013, Geek Wire drew attention to the fact that the entrepreneur looks very good for his age. In the 1990s, he was thin and pale, and now he can boast of prominent muscles. The entrepreneur does not disclose his workout regimen and only briefly mentions that breakfast should be "healthy, without fatty convenience foods." Apparently, the man has been playing sports for a long time and, perhaps, in this way is preparing for his first flight into space. It is possible that on July 20, 2021, Jeff Bezos will fulfill his old dream, for which he has been preparing for a very long time.

Jeff Bezos in the 1990s and now. But he is already 57 years old

Requirements for space tourists

And for space flight, physical fitness is very important. It is known that future customers of Blue Origin will have to meet at least three requirements in order to go on space tourism. First, their body weight should not be less than 45 and not more than 101 kilograms. Secondly, the growth must be at least 150 and no more than 195 centimeters (Jeff Bezos is 171 centimeters). Third, space tourists have to carry a load three times their own body weight.

Blue Origin isn't the only company looking to popularize space tourism. Photo - USS Unity spacecraft from Virgin Galactic

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It is worth noting that Jeff Bezos is not the only billionaire who wants to go to space. The head of Virgin Galactic Richard Branson has long wanted to go to space tourism. Recently, his spacecraft VSS Unity ascended to an altitude of 90 kilometers - you can read more about this event here.

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