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Football commentary Qatar vs Panama

 Football commentary Qatar vs Panama, 06h00 on 14/7: Guests are not polite

The Qatar vs Panama match at the Gold Cup 2021 at 6:00 am on July 14 is continuously updated by BongdaPlus with the rates, tips, football odds, and comments.

The Qatar guest team is in good form, with an unbeaten record in the last 8 matches. They are completely confident that they can win all 3 points in the opening match at the Gold Cup 2021, when they only have to meet a rather unstable Panama.

Qatar (dark shirt) is in very high form when winning the last 7/8 matches

Qatar (dark shirt) is in very high form when winning the last 7/8 matches

Qatar accepted the invitation to participate in this year's Gold Cup with the purpose of training troops to prepare for the 2022 World Cup because they are the host country. Although they only played a cameo, the team from Asia brought the team tournament as close to the strongest as possible. They are ready for the most exciting football experience in the CONCACAF region.

Qatar comes to the US with the baggage of the last 8 unbeaten matches on all fronts. In which, they won 7 matches. With that impressive performance, the army of coach Felix Sanchez Bas is completely confident when entering the first match in this year's Gold Cup against Panama. They even aim to win all 3 points in this battle.

At the Gold Cup 2021, Qatar falls into Group D. This is not too difficult a group, when only Honduras is really formidable. Therefore, just defeating Panama in this match, the army of coach Felix Bas has many chances to win tickets to the next round. In an interview as soon as he arrived in the US, Mr. Felix Bas also expressed his confidence to lead the home team to advance in the Gold Cup, in which he affirmed that the students are fully capable of winning all 3 points before Panama.

Panama is not well prepared for this year's Gold Cup. They just drew a goalless draw with Curacao in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Then, in a friendly match earlier this July, they were beaten with 3 goals by Mexico. Those poor results certainly left the Panama players without the confidence needed to step into the adventure at the Gold Gup 2021, starting with the match against Qatar.

It should also be recalled that coach Thomas Christiansen is still in the process of rebuilding the Panama team after being appointed to replace Americo Gallego a year ago. This Danish strategist also only sees the Gold Cup 2021 as an opportunity to forge troops. Therefore, he only selected 9 players who regularly compete in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers to bring this year's tournament, the rest are mostly new faces for testing.

Therefore, it will not be too surprising if in the match tomorrow morning, Qatar will continue to advance with a victory over Panama. However, it is likely that this will be a fierce match with a result difference of only 1 goal.

1 - This is the first time in history that Qatar participates in the Gold Cup. The Asian representative has agreed to be the guest team of the Gold Cup at this year's tournament and the next tournament, in 2023.

Qatar vs Panama match at Gold Cup 2021

Qatar vs Panama match at Gold Cup 2021


- According to Asian rafters, Panama lost 4, drew 1, won the last 2/7 matches.

- According to Asian rafters, Qatar won 5, drew 1, lost 1/7 recent matches.

- The last 13/14 matches of Qatar have at least 1 goal in the first half.

- 4/6 recent matches of Panama have 1 or more goals in the first half.


Odd goals

The last 7/9 matches of Qatar ended with an odd number of goals. Panama's latest 9/12 matches also have odd goals. Therefore, this match is likely to end with the total number of goals not divisible by 2.

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