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Small tips that are great with Windows 10, [you should not ignore]

 Windows 10 has many cool features to use and explore. However, sometimes you are confused by this very new operating system. The following small tips will help you partially regain "confidence" when you can use it as proficient as Windows 7/8 today.
Small tips that are great with Windows 10

1. Fix spelling errors when typing in Windows 10

If you encounter the situation of typing Vietnamese, especially in Universal applications, automatically corrected by the system to English words, do not worry, your Vietnamese percussion is not error, just follow. The steps are as simple as: Go to Settings> Devices> Typing> Turn off the two Autocorrect misspelled words and Highlight misspelled words options.

Go to Settings> Devices

Turn off the Autocorrect misspelled words and Highlight misspelled words options

You often type English on Windows 10, you should enable those two options so that the system can automatically correct spelling errors for you better!

2. Remove the elements displayed in Quick Access

By default, when you open the Quick Access section in File Explorer, the window appears containing a lot of annoying things, such as the files you recently accessed, folders that are frequently used.

Quick Access

To leave it for a moment, go to the View tab in File Explorer> select the down arrow in Options> select Change folder and search options.

Select Change folder and search options

In the window that appears then, on the General tab, in the Privacy section, uncheck the two options that are there. Your Quick Access will now be neat with only the folders you've pinned out.

Removes the elements visible in Quick Access

3. Customize the default display items on the Start Menu

By default, in addition to displaying the pinned applications out, the left part of the Start Menu will include three parts: folders, quick access buttons such as File Explorer, Settings, Power,…; part of the newly installed application; most used application. You can completely re-adjust so that the Start Menu only displays the things you want.

Go to Settings> Personalization> Start. Here you can optionally enable / disable the two most used apps (Show most used apps) and the newly installed apps (Show recently added apps). Then, click the Choose which folders appear on Start option.

Click the Choose which folders appear on Start option

In the next window that appears, choose the folders you want to appear as default on the Start Menu for easy access later. Once done, you exit and open the Start Menu to enjoy the results.

Customize the default display items on the Start Menu

Customize the default display items on the Start Menu

4. "Summon" Internet Explorer

Although Microsoft introduced Edge to replace the old Internet Explorer (IE) browser, it did not completely remove IE from Windows 10. If you need to use IE in many situations such as catching links, it is better to use IDM. , some older sites are only IE-compatible… you can re-select the browser in two simple steps.

Press the Windows key> type two letters ie and select Internet Explorer in the results that appear.

5. Turn on the famous virtual assistant Cortana on Windows 10

Cortana is a very cool and useful feature that was first introduced into Windows. However, "this girl" does not support Vietnamese yet, so Vietnamese users cannot use it most comfortably. If you are curious and confident in your English skills, you can try and have great experiences with Cortana.

By default, if Cortana is not present on your device, you need to proceed to "legalize" the custom. Press the Windows key> type in the keyword control and select Control Panel in the results that appear> Clock, Language, and Region> Region.

In the Formats tab, find and select English (United States).

On the next tab Location, under Home Location you select United States.

Tab Administration, you choose to Change system locale> select English (United States).

Reboot and you should see Cortana ready in Windows 10 search bar. You can enable quick launch feature by voice Cortana with the keyword Hey Cortana that looks "pro" like a fantasy movie by Go to Cortana> Select Notebook> Settings. Scroll down and turn on the Hey Cortana option.

* The feature of turning on Cortana by voice, I successfully performed with an external microphone, the microphone in my computer could not be called. Please verify and let everyone know.

Hopefully, with a few small tips above will make your process of using Windows 10 more enjoyable and great. If you still have any questions, please comment below so everyone can help you quickly.

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