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5 great ways to use Facebook users do not know what a pity

 The number of people using Facebook is constantly increasing. To attract users, Facebook always brings innovations for its customers. Every day, you use Facebook for several hours on your computer or smartphone for entertainment and work, but you do not know all about this application. Here I will show how to use Facebook to help you discover more useful features of Facebook. Please follow the article.
5 great ways to use Facebook users do not know what a pity

For those who regularly access Facebook to work, this is a problem that many people headaches. Too many junk notifications from gaming invitations sometimes make you lose important announcements down the line. So how to solve this problem, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Facebook app> Open the menu> Select Settings and Privacy> Select Settings.

Step 2: Swipe down to Security> Choose Apps & Websites. Here you will see Notifications for apps and games> You tick No.

2. Still friends, but anonymous and unknown

Sometimes for some reason you can't unfriend the other person, but you don't want to see the other person appear on your newsletter or tell the other person any of your social media activities this. Facebook can help you do this extremely simply with interactive reduction. Just do the following:

Step 1: Click on the personal page of the person you want to do this for> Click on the person icon below the avatar> Select Interactive Reduction.

Step 2: The system will display hidden items for you to choose from. First set the item Hide or less of that person's content by clicking on View options below> Select Limit where you see that person> Tap Save.

Step 3: Go back to the Interactive Reduction settings page> Set up Content that the other person will see by clicking the View option below> Select Hide your posts from audience> Click Save.

Step 4: Continue to customize the last option of this feature by clicking the View options of the Edit who can view old posts feature> Select Hide your posts from that person> Click Save to complete socks.

Just after completing the above 4 steps, you will also consider that object block but still retain the Facebook friends relationship without the object's knowledge.

3. Delete multiple posts posted on timeline at once

This feature saves a lot of your time compared to the previous manual method when you had to click on each post and delete it. You can filter out by category like the article you were tagged in, the posts you posted, and how long the post was posted. This is not difficult to do, let's do it together.

Step 1: Open your personal page> Scroll down at the status line What are you thinking, select the gear icon next to> Select the Filter item to filter out the article object you want to delete.

Step 2: Proceed to select many articles you want to delete, which posts you choose will display a dark blue border. You should take care to avoid deleting by mistake> Select the Trash icon at the bottom> Select Delete permanently.

4. Find like, commented super fast articles again

All interactions with your friends on this social network are logged and you can view the item to control your actions. For parents, this feature is very useful because you can supervise the child and have appropriate educational measures.

To do this, do the following: Open your profile> Select the ellipsis icon just below your avatar> Select Activity log to start reviewing all your activities.

5. Receive post notifications silently without commenting

A Fanpage or a friend of yours just posted some interesting content. You want to follow the article as well as its content, but you do not want to comment. Facebook will help you do that, you will still receive notifications about the content you are interested in without having to leave a trace. Please join me to do the action below.

Above are 5 features that I discovered to help you use Facebook more conveniently and easily. Hope it helps you. Thank you for watching the article, if you have any questions, please comment below for us to answer together. Do not forget to visit the Mobile World Tips section to learn useful technology tips for you.

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>> Right at the post you want to receive notification> Click on the icon horizontal ellipsis next to the name of the poster> Select Turn on notifications for this article.

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